High season.
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Staff scheduling and management.
Made easy.

Staff scheduling and management.
Made easy.

Staff scheduling and management.
Made easy.

The workforce management software keeping hospitality teams on in sync

Juggling tricky staff schedules, vacations and sick leave? Yeah, you’re gonna need help with that!

As a large venue, we manage a lot of casual staff unexpected absences and understaffing can really undermine a big event and our brand. And chasing up payroll errors costs us time and money.
Planday is so easy to use and keeps us on top of employee hours and absences and helps us quickly spot scheduling clashes or gaps to keep things running smoothly.
"As a growing business, keeping tabs on time and tracking is a must we lose money by rostering too many staff, and lose customers when we have too few staff.
Planday gives us a complete overview of staff schedules and availability helping us scale for even bigger crowds.
"With hospitalitys high turnover rates, were constantly showing new people the ropes and juggling their different hours and losing track of our costs.
With Planday, we can instantly message our entire team with updates and changes, ensure their payroll is accurate - and see how much were spending on staff every shift.

No one ever made it without a little help

Say goodbye to scheduling clashes and staffing stress. Hear from our customers who’ve solved their hospitality hurdles with Planday.

Cut costs with smarter schedules

“We manage around 280 people – a mix of permanent and casual staff. We found we weren’t being cost-effective when assigning staff to events. With Planday, we always allocate the right number of people to a shift and can instantly analyse staff costs compared to revenue.”

Julie Crosby

Operations Manager, Manor by the Lake

Save time allocating shifts

“We have 60-70 staff, and even more in the summer. I used to dedicate an entire office day just to do rotas, now it takes me three hours! With that many staff, you might go a week without seeing certain people – but I can instantly tell the whole company what’s going on via Planday.”

Jonathan Davis

General Manager, Riddle and Finns Oyster Bar

Want handy guides and industry insights? Yeah, we can help with that too.

Explore our blog for hospitality insights and tips to boost your staff and business productivity. Here’s our current top picks:

“Excellent piece of software, makes the day to day running of the business so much easier"

Small Business Owner

Verified User

Reviewed on June 17. 2023 on G2

Planday has everything you need to successfully manage staff and schedules - all in one place

Quickly create rotas with advanced scheduling features. Access staff availability, assign roles and skills like “certified chef”, and schedule for different venues and sections like kitchen or bar.

Learn more about smart schedules

Receive, manage and approve requests for time off – all in one place. Plus, input UK labour regulations (like overtime) to receive alerts in Planday when your scheduling doesn’t comply.

Track precise attendance. Staff punch in-and-out from shifts via a digital punch clock on their own device, so Planday can automatically generate accurate timesheets for you.

Instantly generate payroll reports. Or, send payroll data directly to your existing payroll software through one of our many integrations - which can also give you unique data insights.

Stay in sync - anywhere, anytime

Schedule, send updates and approve changes on-the-go with the Planday mobile app for you and staff. That means you can manage from anywhere – and your staff can always access their shift plan (and you.)

“Everyone needs a mobile workplace. It’s simply how people want to work – and Planday caters to that need.”

Paul C.

Verified LinkedIn User

Used Planday for: 1-2 years

Trusted by hospitality businesses across the UK

From local enterprises to multi-venue groups, Planday has helped thousands of British hospitality businesses streamline their operations. Here’s just some of our happy customers:

Urban Guild

A group of family-owned venues dedicated to heartfelt hospitality, based in the UK south-coast.

Manor By The Lake

An award-winning luxury wedding and events venue in the heart of the British Cotswolds.

Pasta Evangelists

An artisanal pasta service delivering Italian cooking across the UK to more than one million customers.


A popular plant-based restaurant group with multiple London locations.


The UK’s largest independent hotel group, representing over 100 boutique and luxury hotels.

Leasowe Castle

Originally built in 1592, today this Northern English castle serves as an elegant 47-room hotel.

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